The Secret to Taking on More Responsibility

Taking care of an aging parent while running a business?

Do you find that time gets eaten away from your work?

Today I’m going to share with you the secret to managing taking on more responsibility so that you can focus and move the needle forward.


One of the ways to manage taking on more responsibility is to call in the 3 D’s – Dump it, Delegate it, Do it.

Watch while I break this formula down for you – in less than 5 minutes⬇️

First, I invite you to get centered. Feet on the floor. 3 deep breaths in and 3 deep breaths out. Light a candle. Pour a glass of wine. Grab a notebook and a pen that you love to write with.

Then brain-dump everything that you are doing – for yourself, your work, your aging parent, etc.

Once you have your list, go line by line and ask yourself – Can I dump this? (What are the consequences if I do not do this – if there are no consequences, dump it!) Can I delegate this? (Virtual assistant, bookkeeper, kids, partner/spouse, lawn care guy, house cleaner) and finally – Can I do this in 5 minutes or less? Then do it.

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Taking care of an aging parent while running a business is not easy (understatement of the year!) And you are running at double time, working so hard to do all of the things. I invite you to slow down so that you can take care of yourself, your business and your health.

❤️Coach Wendy