Advice from an entrepreneur who is also taking care of an aging mother…….What Made Me Successful

Someone recently said to me, “You’ve got a good system. You have an easy start to your Monday, you take a day off each month and you have a thriving business and are taking care of your mom. How do you do it?’

You will be able to take a peek behind the curtain in just a bit…….and first.

For those of you who don’t know about me, I’ve been taking care of my mom for the past 12 years while enjoying a successful coaching practice, travel and taking care of myself.

Let me ask you this question. Do you know how entrepreneurs that are also taking care of an aging parent struggle with focus because of all of the background worries?

Through my coaching, I help those entrepreneurs that are also taking care of an aging parent to focus on their business so it can thrive.

In fact, my client Val came to me because she said that her time at work was fractured. As a result, she wasn’t able to enroll new clients. After she coached with me, Val says that her time at work is focused and because of that, she has enrolled new clients to replace the ones that have cycled out. She also says that when she is spending time with her mom, she is focused on her.

Who do you know that is taking care of an aging parent and also running a business and struggling with worries?

The peek behind the curtain…………..

What made me successful in taking care of my mom AND enjoying a successful coaching practice? A combination of things: Coming to terms with my overwhelm, seeking out a community so I didn’t feel alone, self-care, focusing in on my pockets of available time, ditching the guilt and leaning into a formula to guarantee my success.

So that’s the start, there’s more to it and when we get to spend more time together you will be able to learn how to apply my success formula to your business, life and how you take care of your aging parent.

What do you need so that you can enjoy a successful, thriving business while you take care of your aging parent? Let’s talk about that so that you have a plan. Click here to book your Freedom in Focus Discovery call with me.

❤️Coach Wendy