Transform your resentment into peace of mind and presence

If you feel resentful you are not alone.  Many caregivers feel this way.  Many of us feel resentful toward our spouse, loved one, family, friends – and many resent their circumstances.

And you don’t have to feel this way.  

You have the power to choose to shift away from that feeling and to make another choice.

This is important because resentment changes who you are. Many of my clients say yes to coaching because they find themselves becoming someone they no longer recognize.

What can you do to shift away from feeling resentful?

◦ First, get clear and be honest with yourself about what or who you are feeling resentful toward. When you are clear then you can move forward.

◦ Second, why do you feel resentful?

◦ Third, and this is my favorite, write down 50 ways to have peace of mind. They can be ridiculous and make no sense – the goal here is to get you thinking outside of the box. When you do, you will find at least one way to have peace of mind and presence. Goodbye resentment!

By the way, during our Sliver of Light Membership Club Support Group meetings we talk about resentment – and so much more.

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