Overwhelmed and Not Enough or Grateful and Abundant?

Do you ever have so many wonderful ideas and opportunities that you are just so excited and try to do them all at the same time?  Oh I do. I’ve always been a whirlwind.

It’s served me well for many, many years.  I get a lot accomplished.  I also realize that even though I get a lot accomplished, I’m sometimes not quite sure just exactly what I’ve accomplished OR celebrated or enjoyed it.  I’ve jumped from one accomplishment onto the next.

I’m reminding myself to slow down.  Pace myself.  This is not a race. This is a journey to be savored.

I’ve just begun coaching a group of employees.  One of their core challenges is time.  They all say they don’t have enough of it.  And they are fixated on not having enough.  What I have been telling them (which may be too woo-woo) is that what you put your attention on you get more of and it grows.  Therefore, if you are putting your focus on not having enough time, guess what?  You will not have enough time. Instead, when you put your focus on, I have more than enough time, you seem to magically have enough.  But it’s not magic.  It’s the power of gratitude.

Then I found this photo on Facebook:

I’m going to share this with the group today, before our next group coaching call.  It might be hard for some to hear, but that’s where change begins.  When you feel uncomfortable.  That’s when you begin to get curious, ask questions and do something differently.  Like putting your attention toward abundance and gratitude.

What do you want to refocus your mindset around?  What do you want more of?

❤️Coach Wendy