Using Technology to assist you in caring your aging parent

I came across this App some time ago and I know it may be helpful to some of you.

I feel so fortunate that I am caring for my mom now, with all of the tech around to support me AND her.

Snug Safety

Made for people who live alone, this app checks on you at a time of day you select.  You press a green check mark on the app and receive a quote of the day.  If you fail to check in, your emergency contacts are notified.  Android, iOS

You can check out their website here.

What tech have you pressed into the service of caring for an aging parent?


It’s amazing how many conversations mom and I have about her bowel movements. Anyone else talk about this topic more than you ever thought you would?

I had the misfortune recently of ‘dropping in’ and talking with mom over Alexa and not realizing that my husband was on a work call in the basement. His coworkers heard the entire conversation. Because it was on speaker. Which went something like:

Mom: I’m on the pot. I’ve got diarrhea.

Me: I’ll call back later.

Mom: (Not hearing me) I’m on the pot! I’ve got the runs! (Loudly)

So Steve explained to his chuckling colleagues that his mother-in-law has dementia (and a wacky colon) and some days are more of a treat than others. What can ya do?

She’s super concerned when she doesn’t ‘go’. She’s concerned when she goes too much. To the point that I call her stop-n-go.

I’m wondering if I will be as fixated on my bathroom habits when I reach her age – 85.

I just have to chuckle and share this.