It’s amazing how many conversations mom and I have about her bowel movements. Anyone else talk about this topic more than you ever thought you would?

I had the misfortune recently of ‘dropping in’ and talking with mom over Alexa and not realizing that my husband was on a work call in the basement. His coworkers heard the entire conversation. Because it was on speaker. Which went something like:

Mom: I’m on the pot. I’ve got diarrhea.

Me: I’ll call back later.

Mom: (Not hearing me) I’m on the pot! I’ve got the runs! (Loudly)

So Steve explained to his chuckling colleagues that his mother-in-law has dementia (and a wacky colon) and some days are more of a treat than others. What can ya do?

She’s super concerned when she doesn’t ‘go’. She’s concerned when she goes too much. To the point that I call her stop-n-go.

I’m wondering if I will be as fixated on my bathroom habits when I reach her age – 85.

I just have to chuckle and share this.

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