The #1 Skill that Earners Have In Common and How YOU Can Have It

Focus is the #1 skilll that all earners have.

How do I do it?  I’m going to share with you a method that I recently discovered that works for me.  But first, let’s talk about why it’s important.

Barbara Stanny (Huson), author of Overcoming Underearning, says that focus is the #1 thing that all earners have in common.   

You know it’s no joke to be unfocused – especially when you’ve added the layer of taking care of an aging parent, to your life.

What I have found is that when I’m focused, and when my clients are able to focus, the background worries drop away and that’s when the money rolls in.   Money is the outward sign that I am helping people.  The more money I make, the more people I help.  That’s what happened to my client Sally Jo – she raised her fee when she got focused and is now earning more than she had before.  

Here’s how I stay focused:

These boards help me to break down my tasks into categories which help me to focus on them.  For example, Monday for me is Social Media Monday and on that day of the week, I’m focusing on my social media column.

Where do you need more focus? Comment below and tell us.

❤️Coach Wendy