How your mindset has you stuck in ‘everything’s all right’ when life is crazy and what to do about it.

I talk with a lot of caregivers. I see two camps:

Camp #1: They tell me that because they are meeting the demands of their loved one that their own blood pressure has been up, life is crazy and they have a list of things to be done and they are crabby because they are tired and that crabbiness goes right to their spouse so they are fighting.

And in their next breath they say something like, “It’s working for now, I think I’m okay and not really in need of help.”

As a result, they are struggling to make a living, filing for divorce and are being admitted to the hospital for a panic attack due to the stress of caring for parents (in one case) and a stroke (in another case). No joke.

Is this you? Have you made the same, to me, contradictory statements even though you are suffering financially, emotionally and your health (mental and physical) is suffering?

Camp #2: I also talk with a lot of individuals who do not want to be caregivers – and yet they are. They are struggling with the same things as camp #1 – how to keep the peace, how to make time, that constant tug. And they won’t admit that they are struggling.

From them, I hear “If I was closer to it”, “Everything’s all right”, and “If anything changes, “l’ll contact you.”

Is this you? Have you made the same, to me anyway, contradictory statements?

In both camps, I talk with a lot of caregivers who are tired and exhausted. Looking to find chunks of time to focus and never expecting to be doing this at this part of their life.

This makes me wonder. What feels good about saying ‘everything’s all right’ and being in this on your own?

Saying yes, I need help opens the door to – thriving financially, like my client Sally. No longer fighting and now flirting with her husband, like my client Lauren. To get the gold back into her golden years, like my client Joslyn.

Which path do you choose?

Path #1: Saying that ‘It’s working’, while you are going under and drowning?

Path #2: Walking step by step through a successful formula with someone that’s been there and done it? (Me!)

❤️Coach Wendy

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