4 Things to Do Before You Cancel Your Vacation When Your Loved One Gets Covid

I got a call from Shelley at my mom’s retirement community at 1:10 p.m. Friday while eating lunch on my way out of town and heading toward vacation with my husband.

I got the call right after I inhaled – oops – I mean enjoyed – this oversized pork tenderloin.

“There’s been an outbreak of Covid.’


“Has mom been tested?” was my first question. “Yes, and she’s negative.”


“We are asking that you try to stay away from the home while we have active Covid cases,” Shelley said.

“Well, I said, that’s no problem since I’m on vacation and out of state.”

That and I know that mom and I have our communication game strong since she has two Amazon Alexa Show’s (screens) AND as a backup she has her iPad and knows how to FaceTime. Pretty proud of my 86 year old tech savvy momma.

We continue on vacation.

Monday morning I got the call. 6:45 a.m. from the home. “This cannot be good,” was my first thought as I saw the number flash across the screen followed by, “Oh s&*t she probably has Covid.”

“This is Londa. When I went to check on your mom this morning, she had kleenex everywhere and she smelled of vicks vaporub. I tested her. Your mom has Covid.”

Shit. (That’s really the only word that’ll work here folks).

I’m the type of person that when the shit hits the fan, I go into doing mode. Anyone else resonate with that? For better or for worse, I have to “do” something.

My intuition told me to get her on the Plaxvoid (or whatever it’s called – the drug to help you recover from Covid) asap. Logged into her doctors portal, sent a message – can you prescribe this? Called her doctor when they opened with the same question. Friends, for many different reasons, it took two days before mom had this medication🤦🏻‍♀️

In the midst of all of this, I was on vacation. And I really wanted and needed a vacation. So at that time, I was walking a tightrope of ‘both and’. Calling around to get that medication delivered. Dropping in to Alexa to check on mom. Getting back into the space of vacation.

It worked. Mom got the medication, she thankfully had mild symptoms (thank you vaccines) and I got my very much needed vacation.

Relaxing at the Spa at the Hotel Hershey

What made me successful? (And what can you takeaway from this to make yourself successful?)

  1. Having a way to see mom and communicate with her.
  2. Knowing she was well taken care of.
  3. I knew where the nearest airport was at all times. Kind of like when on an airplane, when you know where all of the exits are, you’re good!
  4. Giving myself permission to enjoy my vacation. (That should probably go at the top of this list)

What can you take and apply to your current situation? Let me know by emailing me at coachwsbt@gmail.com

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❤️Coach Wendy

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