3 Things to Do Before You Give Up

I did not think this peony that you see here would ever bloom.  In fact, I gave up.

Until one day, I noticed a bud!  And I keep watching and checking – every day.  And then one glorious day BAM!  There it was – and it was just bloomin’ beautiful.

Have you given up?

Not yet?  Good.  Because I’m about to share with you 3 simple things to do before you give up so that you can live in hope.  When you do, the world opens up to you in amazing ways.

Ready?  Let’s do this.

1) Visualize what you want the outcome to be.  

2) Ask for your ideal outcome and expect it.

3) Say, “Thank you.  More of this, please.”

Let me know when you try this.  What do you have to lose?  Better question – what do you have to gain?

Happy visualizing and creating your ideal life.

❤️Coach Wendy

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