Strategies to thrive in this time of uncertainty

During this time of upheaval and anxiety, I’ve been talking with individuals who are feeling isolated, can’t think straight and are looking for strategies to empower themselves through my Lunchtime Zoom.

I wanted to share with you the three big takeaways from the previous Lunchtime Zoom: 

  1. There are a lot of pluses coming out of this. 
  2. Your mind is going to be different. You are going to be changed. You’ve learned to appreciate the things that you can’t do now.
  3. There are no rules to this game. There is no right or wrong answer right now. 

We also identified some strategies to help us all to move forward:

  • That it is more than okay to be sad and have a meltdown.
  • Anxiety can be lessened with laughter.
  • To take care of yourself and do what you need for you.
  • To keep busy. I’ve never raked so many leaves in my life!
  • And yet……Not to overwhelm yourself with getting things done and accomplishing so much.
  • Call a friend and chill for a while.
  • I’m going to start journaling about this.
  • We would never think that we were in a situation like this and the only thing we could think to do was to laugh about it.
  • Don’t apologize or feel bad for having a meltdown. 

Our topic was Thriving in this time of Uncertainty. We shined a light on what we were experiencing. When you shine a light and call it out of the darkness, that particular struggle lessens its power over you: 

Our Fears & Challenges: 

🔦Lasts – the last time you hugged someone, the last time you went to dinner. 

🔦When I stop and let my mind go places it shouldn’t, you can get into panic mode really fast. 

🔦The grocery shopping thing. Thinking that i’m going to run out of something. The mask, gloves, wipe the cart, do I have my list? We also looked at the good that had come out of this situation. 

The gifts that have come from this crisis:

❤️Focusing on what I’m really here for. 

❤️Been able to tackle some more projects. 

❤️Not dealing with sports schedules and other things. 

❤️Richer relationships.

If during this time you are feeling lonely and bored, in a panic or are just plain melting down – I want to tell you that you are not alone in this.  

To that end, I am extending an invitation to you to join me along with those just like you, looking to find clarity, community and a space to talk about transition.

You can click here to register for my Lunchtime Zooms.   We meet each Monday at 12 Noon CST to have conversation, empower one another and offer massive compassion to one another so that we can all come out of this quiet isolation thriving.  

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💗Coach Wendy

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