What is my Purpose?

I don’t feel like I have a purpose beyond parenting.”

“I’m sad, half-way through life.

These are just a few of the struggles that my client Elsie shared with me.

When my client Ellie first reached out to me, she wanted to know who she was, to be successful, to have more than her parents and for her children to grow up being confident.

She felt uncertainty and worry.

Ellie was tired of working a job that she really doesn’t like.

She was tired of not taking action and of just existing.

Ellie wanted something to call her own, to help people and form relationships.

She wanted an identity, confidence, a happier house and a happier marriage.  Her vision was to do what she loves, spend quality time with her children and husband, creating memories.

She said that when this exists, her life will be enjoyable, there will be an abundance of happiness, she will be helping others, and she will be free.

Does this resonate with you?  Are you ready to experience the same results?

Imagine finally having something to call your own and knowing your life purpose.  Being confident and doing what you love.

What would that experience mean for you?

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❤️Coach Wendy

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